Female Hair Loss

Hair, hair everywhere – it’s the story of every woman’s life. And while it’s normal to be tugging hair out of shower drains – we lose approximately 80-100 hairs a day – what do you do when the strands clogging up the sink are more numerous than usual? Female hair loss is not only an

January 30, 2019|

Causes and Solutions for Dry Scalp

Winter in Florida doesn’t include snow – so then what are those white flakes dusting your shoulders when the weather turns cold? During the winter months you may fall victim to a dry scalp due to cold, low-humidity weather that sucks moisture from the air. When skin has too little moisture it may become irritated

January 3, 2019|

Smoking and Hair Loss

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it a thousand times: smoking is bad for you. It prematurely ages your skin, causes lung, mouth, and throat cancer, decreases your appetite, and stains your teeth. On top of that, smoking carries with it an odor that lingers long after the cigarette is gone. If all of

January 2, 2019|

Nutrition and Hair Loss

The foods you eat every day fuel all the metabolic processes in your body. Food provides the energy needed to lift heavy boxes and run marathons, the calories required to maintain organ function, and the vitamins and minerals necessary to grow fingernails and heal cuts and scrapes. So it should come as no surprise that

November 5, 2018|

Telogen Effluvium: Stress-Related Hair Loss

By now you probably already know that stress puts a physical strain on the body – whether mental, emotional, or physical, it can cause lethargy, trouble focusing, weight changes and appetite fluctuations, headaches, stomachaches, and more. And now you can add one more physical symptom to that list: too much stress on the body leads

September 28, 2018|