The Effects of Hair Loss on Confidence

Short and curly, long and wavy, slicked back, or swept up – however you do your do, we know it’s a crucial part of who you are and how you express yourself. That is why sudden hair loss can feel like a blow to not only your appearance, but to your self-confidence as well. In fact, a drop in self-confidence related to hair loss can affect both men and women in their personal, public, and professional lives. A 1992 study by the American Academy of Dermatology found that 75% of men felt a decrease in confidence due to balding. While a number of people are able to overcome their negative feelings towards unexpected thinning or baldness, the effects hair loss has on the psyche of many should not be disregarded as inconsequential or silly:

  • Hair loss can create a lack of confidence in one’s appearance. A full head of hair is often associated with youth, vitality, and fertility. And reactively, sudden thinning or balding becomes associated with a loss of youth and attractiveness. Both men and women may feel like they are less desirable to potential love interests.


  • Hair loss can cause one to feel self-conscious in public. Both men and women may feel like strangers and friends alike are focusing on a bald spot or receding hairline while out at social events, which could lead to a decrease in enjoyment of events. In the 1992 study conducted by the American Academy of Dermatology, 60% of men confessed to being ridiculed by others for their baldness.


  • Hair loss can lead to job discrimination. Men and women believe that employers associate thinning and baldness with age, and are therefore less likely to hire employees who don’t have a “fresh-faced” appearance. Additionally, hair loss can create a lack of confidence on the job, especially in positions that require visibility in the public eye.


  • Hair loss can open up feelings of body negativity. For women in particular, thinning locks may cause body image insecurity. Women use different hair cuts, colors, and styles as a mode of self-expression and self-representation to friends and to the public. In the 1992 American Academy of Dermatology study, researchers found that women suffered more emotionally and mentally from hair loss than did their male counterparts. While male pattern baldness can also give rise to body image negativity, it is more culturally acceptable for men to be bald.


  • Hair loss can cause depression. The chronic stress of struggling with hair loss can give rise to inflated feelings of ugliness and body dysmorphic disorder (an obsessive focus on physical flaws). Men and women with hair loss could develop anxiety from beliefs that the shedding is out of their control, unstoppable, and untreatable.

If you are struggling with lack of confidence related to hair loss, here is some good news: most types of hair loss are treatable, and in many cases shedding can be slowed or even stopped. There are numerous treatment options available, including special shampoos, medications, and follicle transplants. Talk to the professional and experienced team at Florida Hair Restoration today – we guarantee that taking this step to begin correcting unexpected hair loss will result in a boost of renewed confidence. Call 800-842-4735 to schedule a free consultation.


September 5, 2018|