Side By Side: NeoGraft and ARTAS

NeoGraft and ARTAS are the FUE methods taking the hair restoration world by storm. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is the process of removing individual hair follicles without making an incision. These hair grafts will then be transplanted onto areas of hair loss or hair recession, leaving you with a new, fuller hairline. FUE methods require less healing time and leave no scars, which allows you to wear a shorter hairstyle – a bonus during the hot Florida summers. At Florida Hair Restoration, under the direction and expertise of Dr. K. Wade Foster, M.D., Ph.D., we offer two excellent options for FUE approaches to hair restoration:

NeoGraft is a hand-held device that fits over a surgeon’s hand; the surgeon will then guide the device in selecting the hair grafts that will be used for your restoration. Your surgeon will have control of the procedure every step of the way, and will carefully hand-select the best hair follicles to extract. NeoGraft is a more readily accessible hair restoration technique; the device can be moved easily from clinic to clinic, allowing you to choose a location at your own convenience.

ARTAS is a robotic device controlled by a highly specialized computer program. While the device itself will be selecting the hair grafts used for transplant, your surgeon will still have complete control over the procedure. The ARTAS device will take 3-D pictures of your scalp and identify areas with the healthiest hair and greatest density of follicles, as well as areas of scarring that should be avoided during the grafting process. From there your surgeon will specify the parameters for hair graft selection, to ensure the best samples are selected for your restoration. While ARTAS is a highly precise method of extraction, it is far less accessible than the NeoGraft device. The equipment cannot be moved easily, which is why we are currently offering the ARTAS technique in our Altamonte Springs office only.

Both NeoGraft and ARTAS are leaders in the FUE method of hair restoration. These FUE devices are able to harvest more hair grafts than manual methods of extraction, and they are less time-consuming and less costly as well. Here at Florida Hair Restoration we believe it is important for our patients to remember this: Whether you prefer to use NeoGraft or ARTAS, the biggest factor in the success of your hair restoration is the skill, technique, and artistic execution of your surgeon. At all times your surgeon will have ultimate authority over the grafting and transplant procedures, and will study your case individually to create a new and natural looking hairline for you.

At Florida Hair Restoration we are proud to offer both NeoGraft and ARTAS technologies: Contact our office today to set up a FREE CONSULTATION.


February 27, 2018|