About Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant

Follicular Unit Extraction Hair Transplant (FUE) is a minimally invasive hair transplantation technique in which follicular unit grafts are individually removed from the patient’s donor area and then individually transplanted to the recipient area.

Essentially, the only difference between FUE and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) strip procedure is the way that the donor hairs are harvested. In FUE, the entire donor area is shaved and using a small punch tool or automated punch device such as Neograft, individual hair units are removed from the donor area. Instead of removing a strip and leaving a wound that requires stitches, FUE leaves numerous 1 mm holes in the scalp. These very small holes close by themselves over about 3 days and are virtually invisible to the eye after 5-7 days.

In contrast to an FUT strip procedure, there is no stitching or scar line in an FUE procedure. The main advantages with FUE are no scar. The main disadvantages are that generally the scalp needs to be shaved to enable removal of individual hair units.

FUE takes longer and is generally more expensive than an FUT strip procedure. FUE has been revolutionized by the Neograft device. Historically, the time needed to harvest individual grafts has been the rate-limiting step for FUE procedures. The advent of Neograft, a vacuum-assisted automated punch device, has significantly shortened the harvest time needed for FUE and has revolutionized this procedure.

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